Lake Wales Veterinary Hospital

Pet Grooming Services

We want your pet to look and feel their best! At Suite Dreams Boarding and Grooming, we provide complete grooming services for pets, creating a spa-like experience for our furry friends. Our wide variety of hands-on grooming services include:

  • Grooming for all breeds and sizes
  • Fancy clips and scissor work, if desired
  • Bathing
  • Shampoo
  • Blow dry
  • Brush out
  • Nail trim
  • Cleaning and plucking of the ears
  • Expression of anal glands
  • Paw care

We guarantee that every pet who comes through our door will receive tons of love and affection, and will leave smelling and looking amazing. Along with a big puppy smile on their face!

Price for all services vary depending on breed, cut, and condition of fur. We can discuss these with you on an individual basis. Please call us with questions!

Few weeks old Samoyed puppy waiting for playing in green field.See more images like this in:
Beagle dog covered in foam trying to escape the bathtub, while having a bath

Premium Upgrade Package

Want to add on a little something special for your pet’s grooming service? Our premium upgrades include:

  • Tooth brushing
  • Premium shampoo (oatmeal, tea tree, coat handler, etc.)
  • Conditioner (helps prevent static and makes brushing easier)
  • Premium bow or bandana

The cost for these add-ons are $5.00 for one, $10.00 for two, or $15.00 for all!

Schedule Your Pet’s Grooming Visit

Contact us today to schedule your pet for their grooming visit with the Suite Dreams Boarding and Grooming team. Our dedicated groomers—Tina, Holly, Debbie, and Amy—look forward to working with your pet!

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