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Staying Safe During Hurricane Season

Every hurricane season, many of us go over our emergency plans in our heads, for both weathering the storm and evacuation. However, how many of us have a specific plan lined out for our pets during a disaster? Your pet’s safety is your responsibility as a pet parent. Follow along and keep your pet safe with there hurricane pet safety tips.

hurricane pet safety

Planning Ahead

Just as you have thought about a plan for your family in the event of a disaster, your pet deserves the same! Take the hurricane pet safety tips to heart and get planning!

  • If staying through the storm, keep your pet close at hand and cage them if needed, or keep them on a leash so they do not bolt. Hurricanes can be terrifying for any animal, but especially noise-averse cats or dogs!
  • Keep your shelter area cleared of hazards for your pet and be sure to store extra food and water there for both your two-legged family and four!
  • Make sure your pet has proper identification on them at all times and consider getting your pet microchipped if not already. Microchipping can help return your pet to you in the event you are separated during a disaster.
  • If evacuation is necessary, keep in mind that many shelters do not accept pets for health and safety reasons. Make sure there’s a boarding facility, pet friendly hotels, or friends or family you can leave your pet with.
  • Put together pet emergency kit with the following items:
    • At least three days’ worth of food and water
    • Pet identification records
    • Medical records, particularly vaccines
    • Sanitary items such as puppy pads, litter box, and extra bedding for any pets in an enclosure such as rodents and reptiles
    • Crate or cage to house them in
    • Heating pad or device for reptiles
    • Salt lick, extra water and a hidebox for small mammals such as hamsters, mice or gerbils
    • Medication if needed
    • First aid kit
    • Sturdy leash and/or harness
    • Your veterinarian’s contact information

Luckily, hurricanes are generally predictable – both in timing and power – so the chances of you being caught by surprise is unlikely. With time to prepare, make sure you include your pet in your preparations, and make sure they receive the care they need during the disaster!

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