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Pet Euthanasia at Lake Wales Veterinary Hospital

When your pet has reached their final days, we know that saying goodbye is never easy. Our veterinary team is always here for you, from your best friend’s first wobbly steps to their final farewell. We will help you assess your pet’s condition, making quality of life considerations to determine what course of action should be taken.

If your pet’s quality of life is still good and they are enjoying their final days with you, our team can work with you to help make sure they are comfortable and still experiencing good days. When the time has come to say goodbye, we can help you perform this final act of love, offering you a humane way to usher your pet over the rainbow bridge.

While pet euthanasia is not an easy subject for any of us to discuss, the Lake Wales Veterinary Hospital team can provide counseling and support to help you make the best decision for your pet’s final days. After all, a peaceful goodbye in the arms of loved ones is often the best way.

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Saying Goodbye to Your Pets

If your pet is nearing their final days and you would like to discuss their situation with us, please contact our team. Humane and compassionate treatment of pets is our goal at our animal hospital and we offer our services of gentle, end-of-life care and pet euthanasia to the Lake Wales community. You can also ask us about our in-house cremation services, allowing you to memorialize your best friend in your own way.

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Pet Cremation at Lake Wales Veterinary Hospital

At our animal hospital in Lake Wales, we take pride in offering compassionate end-of-life care for pets who have reached the end of their journey. We provide a range of care, including pet euthanasia, allowing pets and their owners to say goodbye on their own terms.

In-House Pet Cremation Services

After your pet has crossed the rainbow bridge, our veterinary team can provide customized memorialization for your best friend, with our in-house pet cremation in Lake Wales. This service is unique to our animal hospital and allows you to have your pet cremated by people you have trusted with their care since the beginning.

Our team has been specially trained in cremation services, ensuring that they are able to meet your needs throughout the process. Through our quality and professional pet cremation services, we are able to provide different options which allow you to memorialize your pet in the way that best suits you and your family.

Pet Cremation Options

  • Communal pet cremation, during which your pet will be cremated with others and the ashes will be scattered
  • Personal pet cremations, during which your pet will be cremated alone and you will have the option of taking their ashes home for memorialization

Final Words

We make it our goal to provide complete, compassionate services to pet owners during this difficult time. We know that saying goodbye is never easy and we want you to recognize that you have a support team in us at Lake Wales Veterinary Hospital. Please contact us with your questions or concerns about our pet cremation service and we can help you through this experience.

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