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Cats and Summertime

Over the summer months you’ll want to be aware of how to protect your feline friend from sunburn, over-heating and dehydration.  Here are some helpful tips so you and your furry friend will enjoy the summertime months:

  •  White and light colored kitties are most at risk for sunburn – if your cat goes outside apply pet-safe sunscreen to his ears and nose.
  • The hottest parts of the day are between 10am and 4pm.  In the house you’ll want to lower the shades during this time to keep it cooler.  You can also try a UV-blocking film for the windows.
  • Encourage your cat to drink plenty of water with a cooling bowl or water fountain, or add low-sodium chicken broth or tuna juice to your cat’s water dish.
  • If it’s super hot try freezing water in a 2-liter bottle and cover it with a towel.  Your cat may want to cuddle up to it to cool off.
  • Remember – your cat can get sunburned while sunbathing indoors.

We hope you all have a safe and enjoyable summer!!!!!!!!

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Donna Desrosier

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