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June 1 marks the official start of hurricane season in the United States.  Hurricanes can be very frightening but with some thought and preparation, you can make things safer and a little easier for you and your pets.

  • MAKE A PLAN – Be prepared. Decide ahead of time on a plan of action and make sure you can implement it at a moment’s notice. Have your supplies set aside in an easily accessible and safe place.
  • STICK TO IT- Stick to your decision. Otherwise you may place you and your pets in danger. If you decide you are going to leave town at the first warning, then do so. Don’t dilly-dally!!! Changing your mind or your plans can lead to unnecessary accidents.
  • EMERGENCY KIT – Make sure you have your emergency kits ready. Enough water for three days, non perishable food (include a can opener), a solid carrier, litter, litter box, puppy pads, plastic bags, medicine and medical records for you and your pet in a waterproof container, extra leash and a picture of your pet in case you get separated. Tags and microchipping your pet will also make it easier to recover in the event you get separated.
  • STAYING IN – If your plan is to stay at home, keep your pet in its carrier or on their leash. You never know when you might need to evacuate and you don’t want to be tracking down a petrified pet during the storm. Secure your pet before the storm hits!!!!!
  • GOING OUT- Make sure you stay turned to the news. If you are told to evacuate, do so at the first warning. It will help you tremendously if you have everything ready to go. A backpack that holds all the essentials for you and your pet is recommended. Know ahead of time exactly where all the shelters are and know how to get to them.
  • STAY CALM – Whether you leave, stay or are required to evacuate due to the severity of a storm, remember to stay calm. Your pet can sense if you’re upset so a calming demeanor can lead to a less-panicked pet. Speaking to your pet in a calm, soothing voice will help too.
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