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Animal Hospital near Winter Haven

When Lake Wales Veterinary Hospital first opened in 1978, our animal hospital near Winter Haven was in a 2,400 square foot building with just three exam rooms and one doctor. Today, we reside in an 8,000 square foot building that now has seven exam rooms and seven doctors. It goes to show how much we love the pets and owners near Winter Haven. Making sure they all get the best care is our main priority. Along with that, our animal hospital near Winter Haven provides a variety of veterinary services that fit your pet’s every need. By pets, we don’t just mean dogs and cats. Lake Wales Veterinary Hospital also cares for many exotic pets, including mice, skunks, snakes, and even bearded dragons. No matter what animal makes up your family, we can’t wait to meet them, and you as well. Please come and visit Lake Wales Veterinary Hospital soon!

Our Veterinary Services

Our animal hospital near Winter Haven provides the following services for all pets:

  • Pet wellness care, where, depending on your furry friend’s age, they will receive physical exams, vaccinations, and we’ll talk to you about parasite preventative medicine options
  • Skin, ear and allergy care, where we diagnose any allergies your pet has, as well as help treat any skin conditions they might have
  • Pet surgery, where we provide various general and orthopedic procedures they might need
  • Imaging & diagnostic services, in the form of digital x-rays and ultrasounds, and an in-house laboratory for blood and heartworm tests, echocardiograms, and more
  • Pet dental care, where we take a good look at your furry friend’s teeth and clean them
  • Pet microchipping with our AKC microchip, which is inserted into your pet, and acts as a form of ID for them if they get lost
  • An in-house pharmacy, available for your family pet’s medicinal and dietary needs
  • Pet boarding for dogs, cats, and exotics, giving them a safe place to be while you’re away
  • Pet grooming for all breeds and sizes, with many amenities available to them
  • Pet euthanasia and cremation services

If you want to bring your pet to Lake Wales Veterinary Hospital, contact us at 863-676-145.

Animal Hospital near Winter Haven
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