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Pet Exams in Lake Wales



Pet Wellness Care

The team at Lake Wales Veterinary Hospital provides wellness care for pets in every life stage. We recommend preventive care for our patients to ensure that they lead long, healthy lives. Click on the individual items from the list below to learn more about each of our recommendations for your pet’s health.



Puppies and Kittens

When you have a new pet, we recommend that they be brought into Lake Wales Veterinary Hospital as soon as possible. We recommend all puppies and kittens have visits by about 8 weeks. Our veterinarians perform complete physical checks of new puppies and kittens to ensure that they are healthy. Their early checkups will include necessary vaccines, discussion of spay and neuter recommendations, and education for pet owners about appropriate training, dietary choices, preventative treatment options, and more.

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Adult Pets

Adult pets will require different levels of treatment depending on their health conditions and needs. Adult pet care will often require fewer visits to the doctor if the pet is healthy, but we do recommend annual checkups to ensure that we keep abreast of any physical changes your pet undergoes. Keeping track of their baseline health allows us to identify any changes that may occur later. For adult pets, we recommend regular vaccinations suited to their lifestyle needs, preventative treatment options to protect them from parasites, proper nutrition, and more.

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Senior Pets

Senior pets will receive the most specialized care of all age groups. For senior pets, we recommend visits twice yearly to check for developing health problems before they have had a chance to progress. Senior pets’ care will be less focused on vaccinations and preventative treatments and more focused on dietary changes, pain management, and health care management, depending on each pet’s individual needs and condition.

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Pet Dental Care

Dental care is one of the most important aspects of each pet’s overall physical condition. During each pet’s annual physical, we conduct complete oral examinations to examine the condition of your pet’s teeth. If needed, we may prescribe a professional dental cleaning, which will be performed under anesthesia to remove the tartar and plaque that has built up and to polish the teeth to minimize the redevelopment of oral buildup. A clean oral cavity helps to keep your pet healthy.

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Our veterinary team recommends microchipping as a means of reuniting with your pet if you’re separated. We use the AKC microchip at Lake Wales Veterinary Hospital and for your convenience, we can register your chip for you.

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For your convenience, Lake Wales Veterinary Hospital has an in-house pharmacy. We carry medications, food from Science Diet, pet care products, and more. You can access our pet pharmacy through our animal hospital and through our online store.

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